The only thing worse than a sick child is trying to get them to take their nasty medication and we all know no one's favorite flavor is YUCK. Now at Butt Drugs you can get your child's liquid prescription flavored to taste like the things they already love: banana, strawberry, grape bubblegum, vanilla, raspberry, bubblegum, cherry, mango, sour apple, & more! Just let us know at pick-up or drop-off that you don't want to fight it, you want to flavor it. 

   And did we forget to mention the best part about this service? It is FREE, simply by being a customer of Butt Drugs.  If you aren't a current customer, don't worry - we make transferring easy, give us a call and we will take care of the rest!

   For more information on what medications can be flavored and the preferred flavoring choices, please visit the FlavorBot link below!