Our Story

   Believe it or not, Butt is a family name, and Butt Drugs is a third generation family pharmacy established in 1952 by the late William (Blackie) Butt, R.Ph.

   Thomas Butt, son of William and also a pharmacist, began working along side of his father in 1971. These were two generations of Purdue pharmacy graduates, as well as fishermen extraordinaire. Evidence of their large mouth bass, swordfish, and marlin achievements still adorn the store's walls.

   After William died in 1997, Tom was managing the business and working as a full-time pharmacist. In 2001, an offer was extended to Katie Butt, Tom's daughter, to join a father/daughter team. After close to 50 years of business, Katie brought with her an Indiana University degree in management, some new marketing strategies, and a few improvement imaginings. The toughest thought was mixing the cream and crimson with all that black and gold, but things seemed to evolve perfectly.

   The ambiance of our store is personalized by the history of its creators, loyal customers, and those who never miss their 35 cent morning coffee at the soda fountain.  Yes, it really is just 35 cents!   However, the core of our business is our pharmacy with customer service that keeps the business alive and growing.  That is what sets us apart from the big chains. Low prices, accurate prompt service, a personal customer-pharmacist relationship, delivery service, and curb-side assistance are just a few distinct qualities of our pharmacy.  Come on by, your stool at the soda fountain is waiting!