Butt Drugs

Experience the history of our old fashioned soda fountain

sodasWe take pride in our original soda fountain, and make our sweet treats with only the best ingredients. We proudly use Trauth Dairy ice cream and Coca Cola products.

Soda FountainWe make our own simple syrup for our tasty vanilla cream sodas, homemade lemonade and limeade. Nothing is better than our original malt or a so-called "Black Cow" (chocolate soda), on any day of the week.

We like to tell our customers that it would be difficult to finish one of our tasty sodas or milkshakes before their prescription is filled.

Whether a person is a regular customer or just visiting Corydon, the ambiance of the soda fountain takes them back to a time when simple things in life were a pleasure.

Highlights of Our Menu

Original Malts .. Hand-dipped Shakes .. Old-Fashioned Sodas .. Phosphates .. Sundaes .. Flavored Sodas .. Floats