Come on down to Historical Downtown Corydon, Indiana and visit us!  Our pharmacy, old-fashioned soda fountain, and  gourmet confectionery, as well as unique and local wines, is only a taste of our one-stop-shop.  Along with the vintage novelty of our store, we have apparel to recognize the uniqueness of our name. Our shirts come in several styles, and plenty of colors and sizes.  If you can't make it to our store, you can order one for you, a friend, or as a gift right here on our website and have it shipped directly to your door.  So come on in and make yourself at home!

Here is our (in)famous Butt Drugs Commerical!  Bu...Bu...Bu...Butt Drugs!  You can thank us later!

From Ellen's Crew: "Ellen watched a lot of TV to find the funniest commercials ever, and today she played some of her favorites that will have you laughing -- and singing the Butt Drugs jingle for days!"